Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kaira Rouda's "Here, Home, Hope"

Kaira Rouda is a former newspaper columnist, reporter, contributing magazine editor, and freelance writer for numerous regional and national publications.

Here she shares some ideas for casting a big screen adaptation of her novel, Here, Home, Hope:
Here, Home, Hope is described as Desperate Housewives meets The Middle, so if I were to have input in the casting for the movie I would choose women from those casts. To play protagonist Kelly Johnson, the lead would go to Patricia Heaton. Not only is she a warm and witty mother on The Middle, as she was on Everybody Loves Raymond, but she embodies the perfect blend of self-deprecation and strength that the character Kelly uses to her advantage as she moves through her midlife reinvention. Not only that, she is originally from Ohio and attended Ohio State University, as did the character Kelly. It’s almost meant to be. Somebody pick up the phone and get this deal together. But I digress…

To play the role of her sidekick, Charlotte, the beautiful real estate agent, I would select either Eva Longoria or Nicolette Sheridan (she played a real estate agent on Desperate Housewives after all). Either of these actors could embody the character who turns all the men’s heads in the suburb of Grandville, but who is also a loving friend and mom. Kathryn, the corporate tycoon and fashionista, would be played by Marcia Cross, who is convincingly uptight and loving at the same time. Her daughter, Melanie – who suffers from an eating disorder and brings a bit of trouble to Kelly’s otherwise routine life - could be played by many different young actresses in Hollywood. I’d cast Lindsay Lohan. She needs a break.

Patrick Dempsey would be cast as Kelly’s husband because his name is Patrick, he’s adorable and perfect for the role. Beth, who is Kelly’s estranged high school friend who comes back into Kelly’s life and helps to save the day would be played by Felicity Huffman. The role of Rachel White, the Gladys Kravitz of Grandville, would go to a funny character actor looking for a break. There are plenty – just as there are plenty of Gladys in the suburbs, I’m afraid.

When you blend all of these women together – from two very different shows – what you have is closer to reality than Wisteria Lane and bit more glamorous than The Middle. All in all, it would be great fun.
View the book trailer for Here, Home, Hope, and learn more about the book and author at Kaira Rouda's website.

--Marshal Zeringue