Thursday, June 5, 2014

Eileen Brady's "Muzzled"

Eileen Brady is a veterinarian living in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is a wife and mother of two daughters and often has to chase her six cats and two dogs away from her laptop keyboard. The Kate Turner, DVM Mysteries is her first series.

Here Brady dreamcasts an adaptation of Muzzled, the first book in the series:
Piece of cake. I’d cast Meryl Streep as Dr. Kate Turner. When you read Muzzled you’ll know why. That’s Meryl at about 28 years old – think Kramer vs. Kramer. For Luke Gianetti, the handsome but out of reach (for now) police officer who is studying for his law degree, I’d like that handsome Irishman Colin Farrell. Of course, I’d have to do a little hasty rewrite and add an Irish ancestor into his family tree, but hey, it’s my movie, my screenplay.

I’ve got several eccentric characters in the book, such as the son of two English teachers, Henry James, a tattooed biker who loves to bake. Either Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson would do fine in this role. Betty White could play Mrs. Davidsen, an elderly lady whose outfits always match those worn by her much loved Chihuahua, Lil Man.

In my dream movie I’d be directing. Before I went to veterinary school to become a doctor I was an actress for over ten years. Yes, a real Equity card carrying actress with voiceovers, children’s theater and lots of off-off-off-off Broadway credits to my resume. Second choice would be Steven Spielberg because of his way with actors and animals, even extra-terrestrial ones. I’m sure that with his guidance my imaginary movie would be a fantastic one!
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--Marshal Zeringue