Monday, March 12, 2007

Paul Di Filippo's "Spondulix"

Paul Di Filippo is the author of hundreds of short stories as well as a number of novellas and novels, including Ciphers, Joe's Liver, Fuzzy Dice, A Mouthful of Tongues, and Spondulix.

He has been a finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, BSFA, Philip K. Dick, Wired Magazine, and World Fantasy awards.

Here he shares his ideas about the cast of a film version of one of the novels:
Some years ago, I wrote a novella titled "Spondulix." Not hardcore SF, it nonetheless belonged in that genre, I felt, as a kind of "economic science fiction." It concerned a group of slackers in contemporary times who, by inventing an alternate currency, took over their regional economy. The novella appeared in a SF magazine, and was later shortlisted for a Nebula Award from the SF Writers of America. Inspired by its reception, I expanded it into a full-length novel.

The main character is one Rory Honeyman, a middle-aged ex-Olympian diving champ, and I've always had Jeff Bridges in mind to play him, somewhat in full Big Lebowski mode, although Rory is more stable and cautious.

Rory's antagonist is Earl Erlkonig, an albino African-American. Hmmm, I guess we'll let makeup deal with the albinoism and cast for the wise-talking shifty nature of the character: can I get Spike Lee in front of the camera again, in Mars Blackmon style?

Earl's girlfriend is a mysterious Asian woman: why not Sandra Oh?

And Rory's girlfriend is supposed to be sweet and somewhat naive, although she proves to be a government agent working undercover. I'm thinking Susan Sarandon.

Let the filming begin!
Visit Paul Di Filippo's official website and his blog.

--Marshal Zeringue