Friday, March 2, 2007

Andrew Pyper's "The Wildfire Season"

The Wildfire Season is Andrew Pyper's third novel.

Here he explains who would be great for the lead role in the film version of the novel:
In casting the male lead in the movie version of my novel, The Wildfire Season, I would look for the kind of actor who is a rare commodity in today's Hollywood: a manly man. So many of the stars who top the multiplex posters of late are, to my mind, either pretty boys or old hams. And when I'm talking manliness, I'm not talking about how ripped a fellow's chest is when he takes off his t-shirt (anyone with eight hours a day to spend with a personal trainer can sculpt a washboard gut, but this is only fussy vanity, not toughness). For Miles McEwan, the protagonist of The Wildfire Season, what's required is old-fashioned masculinity, a man for whom actions speak louder than his words. Because of this, I'd be looking at a short shortlist. Clive Owen. Russell Crowe. But both of them may be a few years too grizzled for the part. That leaves Matt Damon. I feel that, over the Bourne movies and, most recently, The Departed, Mr. Damon has been growing from college boy to man who withholds so much more than he shows or tells. This is the flawed trait of being a manly man. He'd do a great job.
Read more about The Wildfire Season, and check out what Miles is up to on Page 69 of the novel.

--Marshal Zeringue