Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rick Mofina's "A Perfect Grave"

Rick Mofina's third book in the acclaimed Jason Wade series, A Perfect Grave, releases today.

Here he explains which talented (and bankable) actor he'd like to see in the lead role of the film adaptation of his novel:
Sure, I admit I have often cast a movie version of my books. It's fun to play around. Actually, I always pictured Ethan Hawke in the role of Jason Wade, a crime reporter with the Seattle Mirror, who is the lead in my newer series. It debuted with The Dying Hour, which was named a finalist for 2006 Thriller Award by the International Thriller Writers. It was followed by Every Fear and A Perfect Grave, released September 2007.

Wade is loner who grew up in the shadow of a brewery in a blue-collar neighborhood. His old man, Henry Wade, is an alcoholic who crawled into a bottle after Jason's mom walked out on them years earlier when Jason was just a kid.

Henry Wade let go of life to take a job in a brewery, haunted by an incident that happened a life time ago when he was a rookie Seattle cop. He never revealed his dark secret to Jason, who refused to be dragged down with his old man as he battled his demons.

Jason instead pursues his dream, putting himself through community college driving a forklift while freelancing crime stories. He eventually beats the odds, and several arrogant wealthy interns from big schools, to land a staff reporter covering crime at the Mirror.

Ethan Hawke, has the still-waters-run-deep, persona to capture Jason. He has the dark, quiet intensity I see in Jason. Hawke's mind-blowing Oscar-nominated job supporting Denzel Washington in Training Day did it for me.

Jason's gritty, edgy, but honest, hard-working, afraid at times, but the kind of guy who just will not give up. He learns from the mistakes he makes along the way to becoming what he is: An every day hero who does not consider himself a hero. A kind of Springsteen-esque street warrior.

Jason first saves himself from what should have been a dead-end life, then he works on rescuing his old man.

For the role of Henry Wade, I always thought of two guys. Nick Nolte, or Harvey Keitel. Each has the presence, weight and depth to play a man whose spirit died in single-life changing instant that haunts him. An incident he cannot disclose or discuss it. One so painful it has to be numbed by alcohol.

To see Hawke and either, Nolte or Keitel, take my story from the page to the screen would be very cool.
In addition to the Jason Wade series, Mofina's novels include Be Mine, If Angels Fall, Cold Fear, No Way Back, and Blood of Others, which won an Ellis award for Best Novel. He won a second Ellis award for his short story “Lightning Rider” in the anthology Murder in Vegas.

The Page 69 Test: Every Fear.

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--Marshal Zeringue