Thursday, October 25, 2007

Allen Wyler's "Deadly Errors"

Allen Wyler is a neurosurgeon and author of two thrillers, Deadly Errors and Dead Head.

Deadly Errors has been translated into several European languages. Originally published as a hardcover, it will be re-release in April 2008 as a mass market paperback. Here’s what the author has to say about a film adaptation of the novel:
Apparently, after listening to how other writers build their stories, I do mine backasswards. Meaning, instead of building the story around the character I start with the core idea and then figure out the ending, then work backwards outlining a series of scenes that logically lead up to the climax. Once this is done, I decide the actual location for each scene and photograph them with my digital camera so I can view the picture as I write.

Once this stage is reached, I ask, “Now, what about the characters?” I visualize actors who fit my characters’ physical attributes and then I begin creating their quirks and mannerisms.

So basically, I don’t do the film-to-book thing (or vice versa) until I’m ready to leave the outline stage and actually start writing. Only then do I develop each scene as I see the film play out.

Deadly Errors employs four main characters:

I envision Dermot Mulroney playing the main character and protagonist, Tyler Mathews, a neurosurgeon piecing his life back together after being falsely accused of drug abuse. Once he discovers that a flaw in the medical center’s new computerized records system is causing patient deaths and he tries to report this, he finds himself fighting for his life.

Jill Richardson, the beautiful VP of Risk Management for Maynard Medical Center (and female lead) could be played nicely by Rosamund Pike. Her allegiances remain ambiguous (is she helping Tyler or one of the enemy) until a scene leading up to the climax.

Arthur Benson is Maynard Medical Center’s CEO and ultimately the person responsible for covering up the problems with the computer. I believe Jeremy Piven would be a perfect fit for him.

Finally, there is Bernie Levy, the Bill Gates wannabe who coded the flawed computer program. Guy Pearce would fit the bill well.
Read more about Deadly Errors at Allen Wyler's website.

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--Marshal Zeringue