Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kim Green's "Live a Little"

Kim Green is the author of Is That a Moose In Your Pocket?, Paging Aphrodite, and Live a Little.

Should Live a Little be adapted for the big screen, here are the author's choices for director and cast:
I've been told my books are filmic – and not just by my mother – so some small, delusional part of me is thrilled to state my casting preferences here. (I suspect that "filmic" in this case means "not dense." Whatever – I'll take it.)

There are several options as to who will direct. If the gods smile on me, Nicole Holofcener will put down whatever deceptively straightforward script she's into and take the helm of Live a Little: The Movie. Nora Ephron would also thrill. And if Wes Anderson or Michael Patrick King want to chat, here's my phone number…. I couldn't go wrong with Drew Barrymore producing (though I might get a different director).

Who to play my heroine, abrasive, lying, fortysomething artist cum disgruntled housewife Raquel Rose? Goldie Hawn in a dark wig…or Geena Davis. If Jane Kaczmarek can make the jump to the big screen, yes. Still not fully satisfied with my picks here. Actually, first choice: Catherine Keener.

In the neglectful, paunchy, TV-watching, occasionally nasty husband category, I'd have to nominate Bill Pullman. Ungrateful teenagers: Lindsay Lohan if she's currently sober; Blake Lively otherwise. And Adam Brody as the soccer star son who may or may not be gay. Surfer dude-lover character: Jared Leto, Gael García Bernal or Keith Urban in a crossover cameo. Best friend Sue to be played by Toni Collette. Wait a minute…scratch that—Toni should try out for Raquel. Love Toni. Back to best friend: Rachel Griffiths or Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Raquel's old Jewish mother: Estelle Getty. Raquel's old, health nut, Jewish stepfather: Eliott Gould if he can drop 40 pounds or Ben Kingsley cast against type. Raquel's do-no-wrong shiksa-looking sister Laurie has got to be Bonnie Hunt, Kim Cattrall or Michelle Pfeiffer in a pinch. Gorgeous, pedigreed college boyfriend who got away and became brother-in-law: Greg Kinnear, Pierce Brosnan or Jack Wagner. Horrid, pushy PTA lady: Bette Midler—yowza!

I think that does it. Wow, I feel better already.
Read an excerpt from Live a Little, and learn more about the book and author at Kim Green's blog.

--Marshal Zeringue