Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jacqueline Fullerton’s “Piercing the Veil”

Jacqueline Fullerton is a successful businesswoman and attorney living in Ohio with winters in Florida.

Here she proposes the cast--and location--for a film adaptation of Piercing the Veil, the first novel with more in the series to follow:
Piercing the Veil is a light murder mystery that introduces the unlikely duo of Anne Marshall, a part time court reporter and part time law student, and her dearly departed father’s ghost. As the novel unfolds, Anne and her father work together to bring a murderer to justice and stop a despicable businessman from bilking his wife out of millions.

Piercing the Veil is the first in a series of novels that will feature Anne Marshall. I think that every author probably has an image of the characters as the book unfolds. And of course, most authors – myself included – picture the books as the perfect mini-series.

If Piercing the Veil were to be made into a movie, here are some of my ideas for what I think would be the perfect cast.

Piercing the Veil is set in a sleepy Midwest college town. Picture Oxford, Ohio, the home of Miami University. Okay, if you can’t picture it because you’ve never been there, think of gently rolling hills, tree lined streets, and well maintained Victorian homes surrounding a bustling campus with stately Georgian red brick buildings.

The main character is Anne Marshall, who is independent, single, and in her mid-twenties. Anne is intelligent but has a runaway imagination. When her father’s ghost appeared to her, seeking her help, Anne never batted an eye. (Well, she did spill her diet soda all over the floor and almost fainted, but Anne is one of those wonderful, roll-with-the-punches type women.) In my mind, there is only one person who could truly capture Anne’s effervescent personality, her spunk, and her charm: Katie Holmes.

Anne’s departed father, James Marshall, is a retired attorney turned law professor. He devoted his last years to pro bono cases. He died suddenly of a heart attack at the early age of 62. He is quite handsome with a touch of grey. Alan Alda would be the perfect person to capture his compassion and almost obsessive sense of justice. I think the combination of Katie Holmes and Alan Alda could convey the bond between Anne and her father that even death couldn’t break.

Anne’s boyfriend Jason, the Assistant Attorney, is tall, blond and should be played by the good looking Simon Baker who portrays Patrick Jane in the new CBS show The Mentalist. His Robert Redford smile and sense of humor is precisely what I pictured. (And now you understand why I so enjoyed writing the love scenes. Who says being a writer isn’t fun?)

Anne’s law school study group features a host of characters, who would surely love to come to life on the big screen. This group is where Anne turns to when all else fails. She relies on these friends to obtain supposedly unattainable information, and occasionally breaking into houses. Bryan, an accountant, would be perfectly cast by Nathan Fillion. He can be serious but is willing to take a risk. Remember, I said they occasionally break into houses.

John Carr and Clark Meadows are a gay couple who have been together since college. John should be played by Eric McCormack and Clark by Jason Bateman.

Maria Gomes O’Malley, a feisty Latino homicide detective should be none other than Eva Longoria Parker with short hair.

Tim Sherman, an unsavory, older businessman could be William Shatner at his womanizing best. His wife Isabelle, who is the poster child for class and poise, should be none other than Judith Light. I have always pictured my character Stephanie Meyer, the sexy, manipulative other woman, as Nicollette Sheridan. She is so delicious in that love-to-hate-her way, it’s almost a shame she gets murdered in the story.

The movie should be a big hit in Oxford, Ohio. I know I would sure love to see it!
Learn more about the book and author at Jacqueline Fullerton's website.

--Marshal Zeringue