Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kelly Simmons’ "Standing Still"

Kelly Simmons is a former journalist and current novelist/advertising creative director.

Here she explores the possibility of some A-list talent adapting her debut novel Standing Still for the big screen:
After the hardcover of Standing Still came out, and good reviews started popping up, my L.A. agent called me with what I like to call a “Hollywood review” (i.e. something that sounds great but means nothing.) “Mel Gibson loves it and wants to direct Nicole Kidman in it because she’s looking to star in a juicy psychological thriller after giving birth.” Ooooh! Who needs to be reviewed by The New York Times! Nicole & Mel called me juicy!

The next week, more exciting news: “Gus Van Sant is going to look at it as soon as he’s done editing Milk.” My favorite director? Ready to read it as soon as he decides how long to hold the close up of James Franco & Sean Penn? Nirvana!

Then it hit me . . . Are these things connected? Did Nicole take my book from Mel and gave it to Gus, the genius who directed her to greatness in To Die For? Scandal!

What was next, I wondered? Would Nicole pass her copy on to Naomi Watts, who would hide it from her husband, Liev, because he’d want to direct her and she’d rather work with Gus? Or would Gus give it to Sean Penn to give it to his wife Robin Wright, who would be so wonderful in the lead role?

Then I realized I was doing it again. Novelizing. My terrible habit of weaving everything around me into a twisty drama. If I continued thinking like this, then Nicole would give it to her ex Tom who would give it to his ex Penelope who would give it to her ex Javiar who would be so freaking good playing the kidnapper!

Hmmmm, I thought. Robert Downey Junior would be fabulous as the husband – maybe I could give the book to my former co-worker Denise who used to date Steve Lopez, who wrote The Soloist which RDJ is starring in?

Yes, folks, this meaningless pursuit is what I’m doing instead of editing my next novel, The Bird House. Some play Guitar Hero; I play Six Degrees of Novelization.

And if you purists are wondering if am six degrees separated from Kevin Bacon, I assure you, I am not. I am four degrees –I once worked with Brooke Shields who fought with Tom Cruise who starred with Kevin in A Few Good Men. Plus, Kevin grew up in the town I live in. I probably slept with him in the late ‘80s and forgot.

NOTE: Kelly Simmons’ novel, Standing Still is still making the rounds in Hollywood –and has yet to be optioned by anyone known only by their first name.
Read an excerpt and watch the trailer for Standing Still at Kelly Simmons' website and blog.

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--Marshal Zeringue