Sunday, August 23, 2009

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli's "Dead Floating Lovers"

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli is a novelist; shorts story writer; journalist; columnist; and nature writer.

Her Emily Kincaid mysteries are Dead Dancing Women and Dead Floating Lovers.

Here she shares her vision of the lead actors should the novels be adapted for the movies:
Oh my God! Who's the actress from Fargo? Her--she's the perfect Deputy Dolly Wakowski--kind of square-bodied, kind of officious, but always a step ahead of the people who condescend to her. I love when the underdog makes a total ass of the big shot.

And for Emily Kincaid--since she's partly me she'll have to be gorgeous, thin, not over 35, and have the ability to make any man fall in love with her on sight. So, let's see: JLo? Too many kids.

So--OK--Nicole Kidman--she'd do and have the gentleness to put up with Dolly.
Learn more about the author and her work at Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli's website and blog.

--Marshal Zeringue