Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jordan Summers' "Red"

Jordan Summers' many books include the Atlantean Quest series as well as the Phantom Warriors series.

Here she shares her preferences for director, producer, and stars in a big screen adaptation of Red, the first book in her Dead World series:
If I could choose a director for my novel, Red, it would be an easy decision. I love a lot of different directors, but Peter Jackson would have the job. I believe he (and Weta) could do wonders with the post-apocalyptic world I established, especially since there are genetically created werewolves, vampires, chimeras hiding in plain sight.

I’d want Jerry Bruckheimer to produce, although I’m not sure I can picture those two titans working together.

When it comes to the actors, the decision gets a little tougher. I originally started out with Hugh Jackman in mind for Sheriff Morgan Hunter, but that changed as I got to know Morgan better. He was a lot more rough and tumble than Hugh. He was striking, but not handsome in the traditional sense of the word. Morgan suddenly became a combination of Clive Owen and Daniel Craig. I’d audition those two for the part.

Gina ‘Red’ Santiago is the hardest to cast of them all. She’s tough, but rather naïve when it comes to social interaction. She’s been insulated, even though she’s in law enforcement. The actress would need to be able to play vulnerable and capable. When I first ‘saw’ her in my mind, I pictured Angelina Jolie. (I have no doubt she could pull off the role.) As I got into the story I realized Red was Hispanic, so my image of her began to change. It’s difficult to narrow down who I’d pick for the part, but I’d audition Rosario Dawson, Jordana Brewster, and Roselyn Sanchez. And you can bet, I’d be the first in line to see the finished product.
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--Marshal Zeringue