Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid's "Dead Air"

Deborah Shlian is a physician, medical consultant, and author of numerous non-fiction articles and books as well as three published paperbacks - one romance and two psychological thrillers. Linda Reid is a physician, medical manager as well as author of nonfiction and now fiction. She also has worked in TV and radio, bringing an authenticity to Sammy Greene, the main character of their new novel, Dead Air.

Here the authors share some casting ideas for a big screen adaptation of Dead Air:
If you live in Los Angeles, otherwise known as Hollywood, you quickly learn that everyone, from your dentist to your auto mechanic, has a screenplay ready and dreams of a star-studded, red carpet, IMAX theater launch. So, when in Rome…

When we wrote Dead Air, chosen as the Best Thriller/Adventure by USA Book News this year, we chose a fast-paced, action-filled, cinematic style that would give readers a “movie-in-their-heads” experience. Five foot tall, Yiddish spouting, red-haired investigative radio reporter Sammy Greene hunts down the killers of her college classmates and beloved professors at ultra-conservative Ivy League Ellsford University in New England. Like a gefilte fish out of water, Sammy quickly finds herself out of her depths and in mortal danger. The cast of potential villains is broad and diverse, and includes a rabble-rousing evangelist, a spurious senator, a confrontational police chief, and a distinguished researcher. Who among them is trying to make sure Sammy signs off the air for good?

Dead Air introduces readers to Sammy Greene, a gutsy, spunky spitfire raised in Brooklyn by her Bubbe Rose. Young redhead Hallie Hirsh would be a natural to play Sammy Greene, radiating enthusiasm, determination and maturity. She won kudos for her portrayal of Rachel Greene on ER. And, in between acting gigs, she is a college student at UCLA!

For Sammy’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, medical student Reed Wyndham, handsome Jensen Ackles of Dark Angel, Dawson’s Creek, and Smallville would be a perfect fit. Smart, sexy, and sophisticated, he could step into Reed’s hard-working and dedicated shoes.

Faculty curmudgeon Barton Conrad would be a wonderful drop-in role for Russell Crowe, comfortably hirsute in his State of Play middle age, as Professor Conrad drowns his demons in cheap liquor and—an ill-aimed revolver.

In contrast, Dean Jeffries, the smooth as silk senior administrator, would capture George Clooney in an updated version of his Ocean’s Thirteen persona—a masterful, and charming manipulator, and possibly more.

Aaron Eckhart’s portrayal of Professor Osborne need not be quite as smooth, but the Professor of Psychology does have a way with words—and people—that Eckhart has mastered in films like Thank You for Smoking and The Dark Knight.

Pharmaceutical Magnate and CEO of the Nitshi Corporation Yoshi Ishida would be an excellent venue for Japanese-American actor George Takei, who would bring authenticity and gravitas to the role of Ellsford University’s partner and benefactor.

And grateful for the opportunity to use the state of the art research facility at the neighboring Nitshi Institute would be renowned and respected physician Dr. Palmer, whose white coat would grace the experienced shoulders of Hugh Laurie, a kindler, gentler, Dr. House.

Bombastic evangelist Taft is an agent of the Lord, and Ewan McGregor could portray both his passion and charm, as well as the hidden undercurrents of his political and financial ambitions.

Finally, Campus Police Chief Gus Pappajohn, who “was retired” from Boston PD after his heroic uncovering of a dirty internal operation, has dragged his world-weary bones to the bucolic Ellsford campus—or so he believes. Mandy Patinkin, superb as an FBI agent in Criminal Minds, would capture Gus’ internal conflicts and external gruffness with practiced expertise.

We hope that someday we can join you in enjoying the movie version of Dead Air at your local multiplex. In the meantime, please make a bowl of popcorn and curl up with our visually stimulating print version, recently published by Oceanview Publishing and available at Barnes and Noble and, and buckle up for a thrilling, page-turning, action-packed roller coaster ride.
View trailers and learn more about the book and authors at the official Dead Air website.

--Marshal Zeringue


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I read this book last week--stayed up all night to finish it--it was awesome! Full of surprises--couldn't wait to see what happened next. Highly recommended!