Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jenn McKinlay's "Sprinkle With Murder"

Jenn McKinlay-Orf writes mysteries under the names Lucy Lawrence and Jenn McKinlay.

Here she shares some casting ideas for an adaptation of Sprinkle With Murder, the first novel in McKinlay's new series set in a cupcake bakery:
I think a cupcake bakery definitely lends itself to the visual. My three main characters (Melanie, Angie and Tate) happen to be old movie aficionados, and spend their weekends watching old movies together. They are always trying to stump one another with movie quotes. If this book were made into a film, it would be a kick to see the movie maker edit in the original footage of the quote. So, in the midst of a scene, a clip from Some Like It Hot would be spliced into the dialogue. Then again maybe I've just watched too much Mystery Science Theater!

Now as for the casting, you've got Melanie Cooper our main character, who is tall and thin with short blonde hair. She has a wicked sense of humor so it has to be someone who can deliver the joke: Elizabeth Banks seems like a perfect fit. As for her sidekick and best friend, Angie DeLaura, it needs to be someone who can be funny and tough (Angie is known for her firecracker like temper). Physically, she's shorter than Mel and curvier with long dark hair, so I can see Jamie-Lynn Sigler playing a spot on Angie. And finally, there is our male lead, Tate Harper. He is Angie and Mel's childhood friend and the main investor in their bakery, although he has a good sense of humor, he is more the straight man. He has wavy brown hair and all American boy good looks. When I try to picture him, Chris O'Donnell comes to mind.

A director? Hmm. My books are heavily dialogue based. I like the snappy repartee between my characters, which is based on their longtime friendship. A relationship based director, who has a gift for comedy would be perfect. Someone like Amy Heckerling, Nora Ephron, Penny Marshall or from television, Amy Sherman.

Wow, a movie of Sprinkle With Murder! That would be killer (pun intended)!
Learn more about the book and author at Jenn McKinlay's website. She also is a member of the The Mystery Lover's Kitchen group blog.

--Marshal Zeringue