Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jennifer Stevenson's "The Brass Bed"

Jennifer Stevenson's Brass Bed series includes The Brass Bed (2008), The Velvet Chair (2008), and The Bearskin Rug (2008). Two more books are being written—The Genie Lamp and Welcome to Hel—both planned for release from in 2010.

Here she lays out some casting ideas should the novels be adapted for the movies:
The Brass Bed was by far my most “constructed” book, as were the sequels. I knew it would be a series from the git-go, and I knew I wanted known faces and voices to help me solidify the characters as quickly as possible.

I picked Drew Barrymore for Jewel Heiss—yes, I know Drew’s five feet tall, but so am I, and honestly who wouldn’t prefer a fictional avatar who was six feet tall if she had the choice? I found a photo of her online that completely characterizes Jewel: Drew is wearing boxing shorts and boxing gloves and a serious expression, poised with her gloves up in front of her. The contrast between her toughness and her nakedness is awesome—perfectly Jewel.

Hugh Jackman must be the sex demon, Randolph Llew Carstairs Athelbury Darner, third Earl Pontarsais. Because who else? He has Randy’s dark air of arrogance but also that brittle edge, as if he’s just waiting for the woman to mock him. At which point his ego will shatter and he’ll have do something sex-demonic to take back the upper hand.

And Owen Wilson is too perfect as the con artist Clay Dawes. Everything about his look screams “I don’t have a real job!” He’ll hang around Jewel, wait for his moment, take his opportunity when he can get it, and never lose his cool. Oh, but I’m doing some awful mean things to this guy in the next book, The Genie Lamp ... bwa ha ha!
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