Thursday, June 10, 2010

Barbara Levenson's "Justice In June"

Barbara Levenson is the author of Fatal February, the first novel in the Mary Magruder Katz mystery series.

Here she sketches out some choices for director and cast for a television adaptation of her new novel, Justice in June:
I really see these books as a TV series, or a movie of the week on Lifetime.

Either way, the producer director must be Tony Sears, who has directed numerous plays and musicals and has that inate sense of humor and timing to set the pace for these fun mysteries.

The female lead, Mary Magruder Katz, is a fearless criminal defense attorney in Miami, Florida. Joelle Carter is perfect for this part. She is appearing now as Ava in the new FX television series, Justified, and I am convinced she can play almost any young, pretty, smart protagonist.

Carlos, the hot Latin boyfriend who all women readers are in love with must be cast perfectly and Raul Esparza, star of several Broadway plays, could fill the bill. He is Cuban, handsome, and a great actor with four Tony nominations. Best of all he was raised in Miami, so he personifies the spirit of the book.

Sally Field is just annoying enough to play Mary’s mother in the same way she plays the mother on Brothers and Sisters. As for Mary’s father, Bradley Whitford now looks old enough to play the role of this curmudgeon, golf nut.

Casting Carlos’s parents is more difficult. A younger looking Rita Moreno could play ditzy enough for the mother (think good makeup). As for the father, I would have to hold a “reality show” contest in Miami for this part, or perhaps comb through the latest tela-novellas on Univision.

Mark Epstien, Mary’s old college boyfriend who deserted her in order to play baseball in the major leagues, makes an appearance in Justice In June. Joseph Fiennes would be a good fit for the role. FlashForward is about to be canceled anyway, so he’ll be looking for work.

That only leaves Sam, the German Shepherd , the last major role to cast. This is where nepotism rears its head and my own dog, Mac, short for Mr. Magruder, wins the part paws down.

So all you TV development gurus, get busy and start bidding for this series now that I’ve done all the hard work.
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--Marshal Zeringue