Monday, July 11, 2011

Chevy Stevens's "Still Missing"

Chevy Stevens grew up on a ranch on Vancouver Island and still calls the island home. For most of her adult life she worked in sales, first as a rep for a giftware company and then as a Realtor. At open houses, waiting between potential buyers, she spent hours scaring herself with thoughts of horrible things that could happen to her. Her most terrifying scenario, which began with being abducted, was the inspiration for Still Missing. After six months Stevens sold her house and left real estate so she could finish the book. She enjoys writing thrillers that allow her to blend her interest in family dynamics with her love of the west coast lifestyle. When she’s not working on her next book, she’s hiking with her husband and dog in the local mountains. Her new novel is Never Knowing.

Here Stevens shares some ideas for the principal cast of a Still Missing adaptation:
When I first started writing Still Missing, which has now been optioned for a movie, I used to imagine Gary Kincaid, the lead detective, as George Clooney and Annie, the main character, as Angelina Jolie, how she was in the movie Girl, Interrupted. But since it took a few years to finish the book, and it might take a couple of more before it’s ever made into a movie, I don’t think either of them would be age appropriate anymore.

These days, I’d love to see Natalie Portman as the lead actress, playing Annie. She’s very talented and also gorgeous in a vulnerable but tough way. For The Freak, I often thought of Owen Wilson when I was writing and I used his mannerisms and way of moving and speaking as inspiration. If he ever wanted to break away from comedies, this would be the movie for him! Funny enough, I had a fan on my Facebook comment that for some reason she kept thinking of Owen Wilson when she was reading The Freak, so I thought that was really interesting. The other actor that I think would be perfect is Neal McDonough. There’s something very arresting about him, but in a scary fascinating kind of way.
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