Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tom Lowe's "The Butterfly Forest"

Tom Lowe's Sean O'Brien mystery/thriller series includes A False Dawn, The 24th Letter, and The Butterfly Forest.

Here he shares some casting ideas for the lead of an adaptation of the Sean O'Brien books:
A very successful novelist friend of mine doesn't want to sell filmmakers the right to adapt his books on screen. And he's had plenty of offers. He feels that would taint or certainly influence the personal image readers form of his characters, especially his two popular protagonists. That's a fair assumption.

But I disagree.

Apparently, so do readers. I often get readers suggesting who could "play Sean O'Brien" if the novels are ever adapted into films. Some of the suggestions include Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds. I'd be happy to see either one of these guys in the role. I read where Tom Cruise will play Jack Reacher from one of Lee Child's novels. Reacher is depicted as 6'5", well into the 235 pound heavyweight category. Cruise is a good actor and can perhaps do well in the role. For my guy, Sean O'Brien, he's certainly not the size of Reacher, though he is 6'2", 185. I've thought that Colin Farrell could bring out O'Brien's character well. Hugh Jackman would be another one I believe would be good for the role.

Since Hollywood hasn't discovered Sean O'Brien, yet, I've cast my own version of O'Brien. He's a actor friend of mind who played the part remarkably well in a :42 second mini-movie. He did so in the book trailer for A False Dawn.
Learn more about the book and author at Tom Lowe's website.

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