Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tiffany Baker's "The Gilly Salt Sisters"

Tiffany Baker is the author of the New York Times bestselling The Little Giant of Aberdeen County and the newly released The Gilly Salt Sisters.

Here she shares some ideas for casting a big screen adaptation of the new novel:
I think The Gilly Salt Sisters would look gorgeous on film—all those ocean shots, and think what someone could do with the setting of the salt marsh on Cape Cod. The heart of the story is the relationship between the two sisters. Jo is all grit and determination. The actress who played her would have to have a bit of a rough edge. Maybe someone like Holly Hunter? Claire is the opposite: flighty, snobby, frail on the outside but steely in her core. Also, she’s a redhead. Someone pointed out that the cover of my book, which is supposed to be a portrait of Claire, looks like a young Nicole Kidman, and that is actually spot-on casting. And then there’s Dee, the young girl who’s pregnant by Claire’s husband. She’s sort of like a puppy. She’s young and rushes into things without knowing what she’s getting into. She’s not dumb, exactly, but she’s not very sophisticated. Someone like Amanda Bynes, maybe, who has such a great physicality about her? The really important thing, I think, would be to see how all three women interact, since they all end up together on the salt farm. Three women who all have a history with the same man cooped up together—what could go possibly go wrong? The answer: Plenty!
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