Friday, June 8, 2012

Patrice Kindl's "Keeping the Castle"

Patrice Kindl is the author of several Young Adult (YA) novels (usually for people aged 10 – 14, though lots of people younger and older read them too).

Here she shares her vision for casting an adaptation of the latest book, Keeping the Castle:
When I began looking for young actresses to play my heroine I found myself dissatisfied. I had already cast my book; while writing it I’d selected images to suit each major character, and I found these images far more pleasing than anyone I would be likely to find in the pages of “Variety.”

So, to be frank, my “actors” all have two things in common. First, they are not actors but real people, and second, they all (save one--my dog Dante, who should play Fido of the book/movie) are dead. Long dead. My book, Keeping the Castle, takes place in 1811. My characters are drawn from period miniatures:

Lord Boring: Miss Althea Crawley Miss Charity Winthrop
Miss Prudence Winthrop Mr. Fredericks Mr. Godalming
The Marquise of Bumbershook Miss Hephizibah Vincy Fido
(The portrait of Miss Hephizibah Vincy [center, bottom row] is heavily veiled at the insistence of her mother.)

Learn more about Keeping the Castle and the author at Patrice Kindl's website.

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--Marshal Zeringue