Monday, August 13, 2012

F. J. Lennon's "Devil’s Gate"

F.J. Lennon is a Los-Angeles based writer of supernatural. His novels Soul Trapper and Devil’s Gate are the first two installments in a series that follows the turbulent life and times of rogue ghost hunter, Kane Pryce.

Here he dreamcasts Devil’s Gate—part ghost story, part murder mystery, part rock and roll fable. Protagonist Kane Pryce must discover why Pasadena’s Colorado Street Bridge, also known as Suicide Bridge, is haunted and what keeps tortured souls trapped there.
OK, let’s start at the top of the pyramid—Kane Pryce. A twenty-eight-year-old hard drinking, hard living, misanthropic ghost hunter and lead guitarist of a band on the verge of success. When I first wrote Soul Trapper as an iPhone audio adventure in 2008, I saw Johnny Depp in my mind as I created Kane, specifically Johnny from the movie, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?. That was the right age, the right look. Kane was more introspective and sad then. As Soul Trapper evolved from a game into a novel series, Kane also evolved. He became someone different. He can be a jerk; he also can be charming. Sometimes he’s sober; often, he’s drunk. Vulnerable and suspicious. Lonely. Today, I’d cast Sam Worthington as Kane. Though Sam is in his mid-thirties, Kane lives life hard, so he’d look a few years older than he really is.

Eva Kells—the object of Kane’s affections and up-and-coming L.A. Times reporter is a stylish, tall blonde in her late twenties. She’s tough and beautiful—no nonsense. I could see Blake Lively bringing Eva to life.

Dr. Ned Ross—Kane’s sometimes partner in the paranormal. A brilliant Cal Tech professor and relentless know-it-all. This is a heavy man with a heavy personality. He’s annoying, but full of heart—a caustic sweetness. My choice to play Ned is John Goodman.

Babalon—the beautiful and seductive demon that Kane must discover and confront. This one is easy. I saw Angelina Jolie the entire time I was writing the character. She’s so damn intense. Frankly, I think she might really be Babalon.

Millie Barrington—a ninety-something heiress to a billion dollar fortune. She hires Kane and Ned to unlock the secrets of the Colorado Street Bridge. She’s feisty, darkly humorous, still vibrant despite her age. She needs to have a look that doesn’t reveal if she’s a good or bad person. I’d love to see Lauren Bacall play Millie.

Teresa Burrows—vulnerable mother of a recent suicide victim. Kane tumbles into an unexpected romance with her. I saw Salma Hayek in my mind when I wrote her, but Teresa doesn’t have an accent. As I’ve never seen Salma play a role without her sexy accent, I’d have to go with Claire Forlani to play the part. She has a very penetrating look on film.

Drexel—the narcissistic and astoundingly arrogant an immature lead singer of Kane’s band, Astral Fountain. He’s only in his early twenties, but has the ego and raw talent to become a rock star. I think Aaron Johnson would nail the part of Drexel.

Anna Burrows—Teenage suicide victim who helps guide Kane from the afterlife. She’s a dark, gothic smart ass. I’d choose Madeline Martin to play her. Madeline really demonstrates her acting chops on Californication.

As for a screenwriter, I’ll take that job for myself.

And the director—I’d have to pick Brett Ratner. I’m a big fan of his films.
Learn more about the book and author at F. J. Lennon's website, blog, and Facebook fan page.

--Marshal Zeringue