Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michelle Cooper's "The FitzOsbornes at War"

Michelle Cooper's novels include The Rage of Sheep and The Montmaray Journals trilogy.

Here she dreamcasts an adaptation of her latest novel, The FitzOsbornes at War:
The FitzOsbornes at War is the final novel in the Montmaray Journals trilogy. The royal family of Montmaray fled their remote island kingdom in 1937 when the Nazis attacked. But now that war has come to England and the rest of the world – nowhere is safe.

When I began writing this series, I envisaged Prince Toby, the charming but indolent heir to the Montmaravian throne, as a young Jude Law. I now have a few readers who are convinced that Sam Claflin would be ideal for the role of Toby. However, as I haven’t seen any of Sam Claflin’s performances, I think I’ll go with Bradley James, because he can do a posh British accent and knows how to handle a sword.

Toby’s enigmatic cousin Simon needs to be played by someone tall, dark and broodingly handsome – perhaps Ben Barnes or Matthew Goode.

Princess Veronica, Toby’s other cousin, is a fiery intellectual who speaks Spanish. She can be played by a young Penélope Cruz. (I’m assuming that I have access to a time-travelling machine here.) Veronica’s journalist friend Daniel would be ably portrayed by Mathew Baynton, who is both adorably geeky and highly experienced at playing characters from previous historical eras. (I’ve been watching a lot of Horrible Histories lately.)

For the FitzOsbornes’ friend Julia, who is a glamorous London socialite turned ambulance driver, I’m thinking Emily Blunt, an actress who can convey both strength and vulnerability. Her brother Rupert could be played by a young James McAvoy. Their uncle, Colonel Stanley-Ross, has a mysterious job in the Secret Service. He can be played by Samuel West, who did such an excellent job of being a spy in Foyle’s War and Cambridge Spies.

Helen Mirren can take on the role of Aunt Charlotte, the FitzOsbornes’ imperious aunt, with Helena Bonham Carter as Barnes, her devoted maid.

And finally, Princess Sophia, my narrator, should be played by either Saoirse Ronan or a young Romola Garai. However, I suspect our film’s budget will have blown out by now, so we’ll probably have to use an unknown young British actress – who will, of course, be catapulted into international fame and fortune when the film of The FitzOsbornes at War is an enormous success!
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Writers Read: Michelle Cooper.

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