Saturday, April 27, 2013

Amy Brill's "The Movement of Stars"

Amy Brill is a writer and producer who has worked for PBS and MTV, and has been awarded fellowships by the Edward F. Albee Foundation, the Millay Colony, and the American Antiquarian Society, among others. She lives in Brooklyn.

Here Brill dreamcasts an adaptation of her new novel, The Movement of Stars:
If I had a dollar for every person who told me that my book should be a movie, I’d buy an island and retire. Since I’m too polite to collect, though, I’ll have to wait for a greenlight like everyone else. In the meantime, I’m happy to offer some casting ideas for the movie version of The Movement of Stars, which is set in 1845 Nantucket, in the era of tall ships and whaling voyages. It’s about the relationship between an aspiring female astronomer, an ambitious black whaler, and the forces that divide and bind them. There are Quakers, sailors, stars, suitors, an enormous fire, a secret wedding, a forbidden romance, and so much more!

For the main character, 25-year-old Hannah Gardner Price, I see Anne Hathaway, or, if she is too old by the time the greenlight arrives—which will probably be around the time the unicorns return from exile in Neverland—maybe Kristen Stewart.

For Isaac Martin, her student in navigation and romantic interest, I see someone young and lesser-known—Corbin Bleu has the right look, but really I want a 25-year old version of Terrence Howard. If development limbo takes long enough, maybe the Pinkett-Smiths will have another male offspring.

For Edward Price, Hannah’s unconventional wild-card of a twin brother, theater actor Ryan Heindl has the right look but is a bit out of the age range; Tom Felton, who played Draco in Harry Potter, would be perfect if he can pull off an American accent. He sure has outgrown that pouty evil-wizard look! What was I saying? Oh, right… moving on.

For Mary Coffey, Hannah’s nemesis-turned-never-mind-no-spoilers-here!, it has to be Amanda Seyfried, though if Anne Hathaway is also in the film everyone will expect them to burst into song at any moment. Wait a second… maybe I’m on to something…

Finally, for Dr. Hall, Hannah’s onetime mentor, I cannot see anyone but James Lipton. Even though Dr. Hall doesn’t look anything like him. But when I get to Heaven, I’d like God to say, “James Lipton will play Dr. Hall!”
Learn more about the book and author at Amy Brill's website.

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--Marshal Zeringue