Sunday, May 26, 2013

Adam Mitzner's "A Case of Redemption"

Adam Mitzner is the author of A Conflict of Interest and the new legal thriller, A Case of Redemption.

Here he dreamcasts a big-screen adaptation of Case of Redemption:
There are three main characters in A Case of Redemption: Dan Sorensen, who has just lost his wife and daughter and left his high powered New York City law firm; Nina Harrington, the beautiful, young lawyer who convinces him to take on the case of Legally Dead, and Legally Dead, the up and coming rapper accused of murdering his pop star girlfriend.

I don't cast the parts as I'm writing, but I do think about a type:

For Dan, the actor has to have some gravitas and be able to convey that he's suffering. I'm a huge Mad Men fan, and so Jon Hamm comes immediately to mind. He may be too conventionally handsome for the role, however, as I envision Dan being a notch or maybe two below Nina in looks. Although they are also easy on the eyes (or so the ladies tell me), I would prefer someone with less conventional good looks, and a little more of an edge. Two actors I admire who fit that bill are Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Fassbender.

Nina is described as very beautiful, and her beauty is a major component to the character, but it's equally important that the actress convey her intelligence, so that you understand the connection she has with Dan. My love of Lost leads me to Evangeline Lilly. Mila Kunis could also do the role justice, as would Olivia Wilde and Olivia Munn.

It would be great if the movie version of Legally Dead used a real rap star to play my fictional rapper. The actor would have to be physically imposing, and it's a very tough role because the viewer should like Legally Dead, even while being unsure he's not a brutal murderer. It would also be great if he was an unknown, just like Legally Dead.
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