Tuesday, August 27, 2013

David Rich's "Middle Man"

David Rich has sold screenplays to most of the major studios and to production companies in the United States and Europe. The author of Caravan of Thieves, he lives in Connecticut.

Here Rich dreamcasts Middle Man, the sequel to Caravan of Thieves:
Want to have some fun? Spend a little time trying to cast Maya: the daughter of the man claiming to be the King of Kurdistan; she is dark, voluptuous, mysterious, wry, witty, focused and determined.

For inspiration I spent a little time staring at photos of the astoundingly beautiful and talented Isabelle Adjani. If you have never seen her in One Deadly Summer, drop what you’re doing. She’s too old now for the part now, but once upon a time…

There are probably Persian actresses who would fit the part, but I am not familiar with them. French actresses are often popular around the world so I searched there and Bérénice Marlohe (Skyfall) stopped me right away. If you want to know what Maya looks like (and you do) check her out. And I would be remiss if I did not mention – in any blog post on any topic - Eva Green. I’m going to work my way through Italian and Greek actresses next.

Johnny Bannion is a bald headed Welshman, a one eyed charmer and con artist extraordinaire. He is Dan, Rollie’s father, times ten. Anthony Hopkins would be achingly good in that role. Pierce Brosnan  has just the right mix of menace and charm.Geoffrey Rush  would bring a different kind of energy to the part. Is there anyone better at being devious?

As for Rollie, I previously mentioned Colin Farrell or Ryan Gosling and would add Ben Foster to the list. He has the requisite unpredictability. A long list of leading men – from Jeff Bridges to Tommy Lee Jones to Jack Nicholson to Michael Douglas (and there are more) would be excellent as Dan. The art would come in matching the Rollie with the Dan. Ryan Gosling might go well with Jeff Bridges. Ben Foster with Tommy Lee Jones or Woody Harrelson. I would team Colin Farrell with Michael Douglas or Jack Nicholson.
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