Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jordan Dane's "Crystal Fire"

Jordan Dane makes up stuff for a living. She hears voices in her head and considers that to be a good thing.

Here she dreamcasts an adaptation of her latest YA novels, Indigo Awakening & Crystal Fire:
It’s always fun to imagine your book on the big screen. The Hunted series (Indigo Awakening & Crystal Fire) had me searching the Internet for faces to inspire me. Here are a few:

Gabriel Stewart – is eighteen and has a faint British accent. He’s tall and well-built, with long hair and intense eyes. He looks like a rocker and wears T-shirts from local rock bands in LA. Gabriel is the most powerful Crystal child. In Crystal Fire, he’ll face horrific moral challenges as the young rebel leader in charge of training teens to fight.

Actor Landon Liboiron has been an inspiration to me for a long time. I love this guy.

Rayne Darby – is a spunky, emancipated minor at seventeen. Her parents died and left her older sister Mia to deal with the family money, trust funds, and the aftermath of caring for their mentally troubled brother, Lucas. She and Lucas are very close. She rides a vintage Harley motorcycle and cares for her ‘roommate,’ her pet Iguana Floyd Zilla. In Crystal Fire, she will face her worst fears and not have psychic powers to help her.

Actor Nicola Peltz – I love the vulnerability in her eyes, yet I can see where she could show strength.

Lucas Darby is fifteen, tall and lanky, with long hair and beautiful gray eyes that match his sister Rayne’s. He’s an evolving Crystal child who has been stunted by his time locked up in a mental hospital. At his young age, he’s manifested his Crystal child abilities early and becomes a target for the Believers. Crystal children tend to be peace loving. He’s at odds with Kendra’s warrior nature. Once he sees how far the Believers go to destroy innocent lives, Lucas will be forced to take a stand he’s not prepared for.

Actor William Moseley is how I envisioned Lucas. He looks like the boy next door and could play the part of naïve Luke.

Kendra Walker is a modern day Joan of Arc at seventeen. She’s strong and rebellious, driven to protect the Indigos right to live. She connects with other indigos, draws them to her and tracks them, with a limited range. She’s a healer and uses herbs and her garden to not only feed her street family, but she also hears the voices of “the others” through her plants. Kendra believes Lucas is the next coming of Christ and would die to protect him. In Crystal Fire, she’ll face down her past to find a future worth living.

Actor Emma Watson is always amazing in anything she plays. The strength in her eyes, coupled with the compassion I imagine she has, became a big draw for me.

Rafael Santana is a street kid who communes with the dead and connects with the spirit world. After years of abuse at the hands of his father, when he left home after his old man nearly killed him, he’s lived on the streets of LA and learned harder lessons. Once he met Kendra, he found a new kind of home. At eighteen, he’s the heart and soul of Kendra’s Indigo family, but in Crystal Fire, Raphael has lost everything. Not even his beloved Kendra and her Indigo rebellion can get him to care about his own life.

Actor Diego Luna captured the defiance and vulnerability of Rafael. He looks believable as a street kid who’d die for those he loves, yet carry deep emotional scars.
Learn more about the book and author at Jordan Dane's website and Twitter perch.

--Marshal Zeringue