Tuesday, March 4, 2014

J.T. Ellison's "When Shadows Fall"

J.T. Ellison is the New York Times bestselling author of eleven critically acclaimed novels, including The Final Cut with Catherine Coulter, When Shadows Fall, Edge of Black and A Deeper Darkness. Her work has been published in over twenty countries. Her novel The Cold Room won the ITW Thriller Award for Best Paperback Original and Where All The Dead Lie was a RITA® Nominee for Best Romantic Suspense. She lives in Nashville with her husband.

Here Ellison dreamcasts an adaptation of When Shadows Fall:
It’s strange how characters change, come to life, become real people in the writer’s mind as the books take shape. Dr. Samantha Owens is evolving for me. She’s come out of her grief, is looking forward, and that’s changed her whole outlook, and as such, her personality.

I always saw her as a young Natalie Portman, with that presence, that intense gaze, but I’ve come across a new to me actress who would be a great for the role. Her name is Phoebe Tonkin. She looks more like Sam to me now, she’s no less intense, but she’s got a delicacy to her that embodies the vulnerability and strength of the new Sam Owens.

Xander Whitfield was always Josh Hartnett to me, but he too has grown and become his own person. He’s lighter as well now that he has Sam, happier, more content; they’ve healed each other’s wounds. Get that kid to smile, and there’s a keen resemblance between them.

Fletcher has always been Robert Downey Jr., for a variety of reasons – attitude, irreverence, and just plain hotness.

Channing Tatum would make a good Adrian – he can do that thousand- yard stare, and Jessica Lange would be perfect as Curtis Lott.

So let’s go make this happen, shall we?
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