Saturday, May 3, 2014

Catherine McKenzie's "Hidden"

Catherine McKenzie is an internationally bestselling author of four novels, most recently Hidden. She is a full-time attorney and regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

Here McKenzie dreamcasts an adaptation of Hidden:
There are three central characters in Hidden - Jeff, Tish and Claire. I could see Ben Affleck or George Clooney playing Jeff - a charming guy who lacks a bit of self-confidence and has always felt upstaged by his older brother. I think either one could bring that mix of charm and vulnerability to the role.

Claire is Jeff’s wife. She used to be full of confidence, but she’s been broken down by life a bit. I could see Catherine Keener playing her. She has the right level of upfront smarts with this ability to be broken underneath.

Tish is the potential “other woman”. She’s always been a bit of a dreamer, and her dreams haven’t really come true. Sandra Bullock might be good in the role. Tish has a humorous side to her - it’s one of the things that draws Jeff in.

Two other important roles in the book are the children - Jeff and Claire’s son, Seth, and Tish’s daughter, Zoey. They’re twelve and eleven years old, respectively, a tough age. I saw a child actor in the movie Algonquin recently, who’d make a great Seth. As for Zoey, no one in particular comes to mind, but it would be a great role for an unknown.

And there you have it. If Hidden was cast by me, today.
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--Marshal Zeringue