Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shannon Stoker's "The Alliance"

Shannon Stoker has been writing her entire life. She decided to give writing a serious try after her husband bought her a small dog as a birthday gift. Nucky stole her heart immediately and she wanted a job that provided more flexibility to stay with him.

When she’s not writing Stoker enjoys watching an insane amount of television shows as well as horror movies. She got a little taste of television herself when she competed on an episode of TLC’s Four Weddings. You can catch her episode in replays on the channel. Her latest book is The Alliance: A Registry Novel.

Stoker was born in Clawson, Michigan and raised in Elgin, Illinois. She currently lives in DeKalb, Illinois with her husband Andy and small dog Nucky.

Here Stoker dreamcasts an adaptation of The Alliance:
First off I have to say I change my mind on this topic a lot. Who I imagined during the first draft of The Registry is very different from who I imagined when I wrote The Alliance and I’m sure they will change again.

Mia – She is described as beautiful, so I would have to cast Cara Delevinge, who I think is probably the most beautiful woman in the world.

Andrew – I have the hardest time imagining him. I don’t think I have one particular actor in mind, but when I was first writing The Registry I pictured Shiloh Fernandez. Multiple people have told me they picture Liam Hemsworth in the role, but I picture someone with darker features.

Carter - Michael Welch. I saw him in a Lifetime movie on lazy afternoon and thought he would make a perfect Carter. He has that charming surfer boy appeal. Actually now that I think about it now whenever I write a blond male character Welch is the first one who comes to mind.

Grant – Matthew Goode. This is the only choice that never changed. I imagined Goode in the role from the first draft all the way to right now. I think he could really pull off some of Grant’s outfit choices too.
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