Saturday, December 13, 2014

Joyce and Jim Lavene's "Spell Booked"

Joyce and Jim Lavene write mystery and urban fantasy because they like it and because they have to do something to pay the bills. They live in North Carolina with their family.

Here Joyce dreamcasts an adaptation their new novel, Spell Booked:
I would love to see Spell Booked made into a movie! I know every author says that, but I've given it some serious thought.

First of all, the movie could be filmed in Wilmington, where the book is set, as it has a thriving movie and TV-making community. The Witches of East End was filmed here, and so is Sleepy Hollow and Vampire Diaries. So we can use all the landmarks – the Cape Fear River, the Atlantic Ocean, the Cotton exchange, Oak Island, and the old waterfront. Those places would look great on the screen.

I'd like to see Nicole Kidman play Molly. She'd have to be a little older, but it would be a few years, right? And they can use some extra make up on her. Something about her attitude reminds me of Molly Addison Renard, the voice of our witches in Spell Booked.

I'd like to see Jane Fonda play Olivia. She'd be just right for the part, but they’d have to make her wear a wig or dye her hair blond. No one says sexy and slightly above it all like Jane Fonda!

Elsa Lanchester as Elsie would be awesome! She was in The Bride of Frankenstein and Mary Poppins. What? She's dead? Oh well. I’ll have to think about that a little more.

Anne Hathaway from Les Mis would be a great Dorothy. She's a little tall, but it could still work. I could picture her as our would-be witch librarian. She might be a little expensive, but well worth the money!

As for Brian, I'd like to see Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries play Brian, mostly so I can meet him. He'd be a cute Brian too, and haughty to begin with. Plus Ian should be looking for a new part since he’s not playing Mr. Grey in the movie, and the Vampire Diaries is on its last legs.

And playing the Bone Man would be Vin Diesel, in costume of course. Great voice! He could carry out our seven-foot quasi-bad-guy who may be dead or may be an Irish sea god who lives on Oak Island. He’d be perfect messing with the witches when they come to trade favors.

Jon Tenney would be good as Molly’s cop husband, Joe, who gets mixed up in the magic all the time. Once again – a good actor looking for a part. He’s very talented at playing police detectives too!

And that’s the biggest part of our movie cast! I’ll just run over and start a new Facebook page now where I can ask for money to make this happen. Spare change anyone?
Learn more about the authors and their work at Joyce and Jim Lavene's website.

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--Marshal Zeringue