Friday, January 30, 2015

William C. Dietz's "Deadeye"

New York Times bestselling author William C. Dietz has published more than forty novels some of which have been translated into German, French, Russian, Korean and Japanese. He also wrote the script for the Legion of the Damned game (i-Phone, i-Touch, & i-Pad) based on his book of the same name--and co-wrote SONY's Resistance: Burning Skies game for the PS Vita.

Here Dietz dreamcasts an adaptation of his new book, The Mutant Files; Deadeye:
I would love to see actress Jurnee Smollett play Detective Cassandra Lee in the movie Deadeye. She’s beautiful, about the right age (29), and can act. This role will call for some outer toughness however, with just a hint of vulnerability, and a lean/mean physicality.

As for the role of Deputy Ras Omo I think Matt Bomer would do a wonderful job. The role calls for some maturity, macho grace, and a laconic delivery. And Bomer’s delivery would be especially important since his face would be hidden by a mask most of the time. That means that what he says, and how he says it, will be incredibly important.

Finally I think the city of Los Angeles should play the city of Los Angeles. It’s typecasting, I know that, but why settle for another city when you can get the real thing? Plus there’s the imaginary budget to consider. By filming Deadeye in the city of angels the production company could keep production costs down. Are you listening Hollywood? Call me.
The Mutant Files trilogy will continue with Redzone and Graveyard. For more about Dietz and his fiction, visit his website, Facebook page, and Twitter perch.

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--Marshal Zeringue