Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mark Wisniewski's "Watch Me Go"

Mark Wisniewski's new novel, Watch Me Go, has already earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly, made the Most Anticipated Books List for 2015 by The Millions, and received advance praise from Salman Rushdie, Daniel Woodrell, Ben Fountain, Rebecca Makkai, Dan Chaon, Christine Sneed, Tim Johnston, and Ru Freeman.

Here Wisniewski dreamcasts an adaptation of Watch Me Go:
Watch Me Go is the candid and insightful storytelling of two love stories turned tragic by racism, sexism, and economic injustice. Two narrators, black and white, male and female, risk their lives by admitting how their pursuits of the American Dream soon fated their futures to betrayal, double-dealing, and proximity to horrific death. But as these narrators, Deesh and Jan, come to trust each other enough to admit rather personal secrets and regrets, they sense their two stories have always been one — and that, by speaking up and listening, they've woven a new, realistic, and far stronger hope.

If the current rumors are true that Watch Me Go will be made into a film, here's my wish list regarding who could play whom:

Emma Stone--Jan
Jamie Foxx--Deesh
Zac Efron--Tug
Sam Shepard--Tom
Mary-Louise Parker--Colleen
Naomi Watts--Cindy
John Goodman--Gabe

And, yes, I realize that would be a lot of power on the screen--but, hey, when you get down to it, Watch Me Go is all about power.
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--Marshal Zeringue