Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Catherine A. Winn's "Beyond Suspicion"

Catherine A. Winn, a former art and elementary school teacher, lives and writes in Texas. An avid reader of all types of mysteries from cozies to thrillers, she’s found writing them to be equally thrilling.

Here Winn dreamcasts an adaptation of her new YA mystery/thriller, Beyond Suspicion:
Beyond Suspicion made into a movie, “Woo-hoo!” Where do I sign?

If I could pick the lead? Willow Shields from The Hunger Games would be the only actress on my list.

Shelby Palmer, my main character, changes from a sweet, naïve, aggravated-by-parents fifteen-year-old sophomore from suburbia to a courageous young woman who draws on inner strength in a life and death struggle to save her little brother and herself from murderous kidnappers.

As I watched the talented actress, Willow Shields, portray Primrose Everdeen, I became totally convinced she could bring Shelby Palmer to life on the big screen and make her a household word. Not only does she resemble her physically, but she could evoke so much of Shelby’s emotions and thoughts just from facial expressions alone.

If I could pick the director? John McTiernan, famous for the Die Hard movies. The crucial action scenes would be unbelievably unforgettable under his direction. I can already hear the screams and gasps he would wrench from a knuckle-biting audience.

As to the rest of the cast? I would insist on signing the amazing casting director, Laray Mayfield, (Gone Girl, 2014) and leave the roster to her. What a blockbuster list that would be!

Now, the only thing left to do is wait for the phone to ring and choose the designer for my Oscar gown.
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--Marshal Zeringue