Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Peter Lefcourt's "Purgatory Gardens"

Peter Lefcourt is a refugee from the trenches of Hollywood, where he has distinguished himself as a writer and producer of film and television.

Here he dreamcasts an adaptation of his new novel, Purgatory Gardens:
This is a no-brainer:

MARCY GRAY, the aging actress and eternal ingénue: Meryl Streep.

SAMMY DEE, the ex-mafioso in Witness Protection: If we can’t bring James Gandolfini back, I’d go with Jack Nicholson.

DIDIER ONYEKACHUKWU, the former corrupt Minister of Finance of Upper Volta: Morgan Freeman.

EVELYN DUBOFF, intrepid private eye and Palm Springs yenta: Kathy Bates.

MARSHAL DILLON, the federal marshal and Sammy’s conduit to the outside world: Kevin Spacey.

WALT and BIFF KELLER, father-and-son hit men, and patio deck installers: Tom and Colin Hanks.

Publishers Weekly pronounced the book “a novel ready made for the movies.” Who am I to disagree with them?
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--Marshal Zeringue