Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jo Perry's "Dead Is Best"

Jo Perry earned a Ph.D. in English, taught college literature and writing, produced and wrote episodic television, and has published articles, book reviews, and poetry. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, novelist Thomas Perry. They have two adult children. Their three cats and two dogs are rescues.

Here Perry shares some ideas about the above the line talent for an adaptation of her latest novel, Dead is Best:
My book is a challenge to any director because my two protagonists are dead. When they travel from the afterlife into the world of the living, they are invisible, ineffectual and mute.

But that's it--no ghouls, no zombies in this flick! Just a dead man who was sort of a putz in life, and a dog whose life was very sad.

But I'd cast Jonah Hill as Charles. I think he'd be perfect. As for the dog, that would be up to the director. But the canine actress would have to be a very clever, soulful dog. Rose is a complex role.

The book takes place in L.A. I'd like a director who can deliver the feeling of L.A.'s dehydrated sprawl--I love what David Ayer did in End of Watch. He'd be perfect--I admire the documentary style of that film.
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