Friday, October 14, 2016

Jan Fedarcyk's "Fidelity"

Upon her retirement in 2012 Jan Fedarcyk was the only woman to lead the FBI’s prestigious New York Office as Assistant Director in Charge. Fidelity, her first novel, draws upon her twenty-five years of experience as an FBI Special Agent.

Here Fedarcyk dreamcasts an adaptation of Fidelity:
Some authors will dream of seeing their work make it to the silver screen. I’m no different. As the Fidelity characters – amalgams of people I’ve known through the years - came alive on the page and in my mind’s eye, I asked myself what actress or actor I thought could portray them onscreen.

I’ve toyed with the idea that the character of Susan Jeffries would be a perfect role for Jodie Foster – reprising her Silence of the Lambs character as an older, wiser individual who mentors protagonist Kay Malloy.

As for Kay Malloy, Anne Hathaway could bring the initial naivete of a young Agent and the savvy, sophisticated, more mature one that she becomes later in the book.

Andrew? We need someone who can portray a sexy, handsome, intellectual match for Kay Malloy, and Hollywood is filled with those, right? Someone like Diego Boneta or Ryan Gosling.

Torres sets up as a colleague and mentor for Kay Malloy, and John Cusack or Vince Vaughn could pull off the gruff, witty, and ultimately caring character of Mark Torres.
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--Marshal Zeringue