Friday, December 2, 2016

Beatrice Colin's "To Capture What We Cannot Keep"

Beatrice Colin was born in London and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. A former arts and features journalist, she also writes novels for adults, children, short stories, radio plays for the BBC. She has spoken at numerous book festivals, taught at Arvon and was a judge and mentor for the Scottish Boom Trust's New Writers Award.

Colin was also once a singer in the band, April Showers, whose single, "Abandon Ship," reached the number 144 in the charts.

Here the author dreamcasts an adaptation of her latest novel, To Capture What We Cannot Keep:
Some writers have a vivid picture of who they would cast in the movie of their book as they write it. I can picture my characters but they aren’t Hollywood actors. And so when my agent asked me at first I drew a blank. And yet if I could have anyone from any period, it would be much easier. For my main character, Cait Wallace, who is a young Scottish widow, I would cast a young Faye Dunaway or a young Jeanne Moreau. Both are beautiful, intelligent and effortlessly stylish. For Emile Nougieur, one of the engineers who designed the Eiffel Tower, the Irish actor, Cillian Murphy, because he is both handsome and a wonderful actor. And for Gabrielle, who is a highly sought after artist’s model I would cast Marion Cotillard – one of the best actors in France. The Eiffel Tower would play itself. Although it might be hard to find a time to film when there’s no one there.

As for a director, maybe Ang Lee as he’s a real craftsman who made Brokeback Mountain and The Ice Storm. If he’s not available, then Wes Anderson, because he would make the whole thing fun. And I think he might use Eiffel Tower models to show its construction, rather than CGI.
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--Marshal Zeringue