Thursday, March 23, 2017

Christina Kovac's "The Cutaway"

Prior to writing fiction, Christina Kovac worked in television news. Her career began with a college internship at Fox 5’s Ten O’Clock News in Washington, DC that turned into a field-producing job—making minimum wage while chasing news stories, gossiping with press officers, and cultivating sources—while somehow making rent on a closet-sized apartment on Capitol Hill. After a stint as weekend editor at WRC TV and senior editor at the ABC affiliate, she went on to work at the Washington Bureau of NBC Network News, as a desk editor and news producer in such stories as that of missing DC intern, Chandra Levy.

After being late to pick up her kids at daycare one too many times, Kovac left television to start a writing career. Now she writes psychological thrillers set in Washington, DC. The Cutaway is her debut novel.

Here Kovac's dreamcasts the lead for a big-screen adaptation of The Cutaway:
The Cutaway sold its TV rights, so it will never be a feature film. But I always imagined Virginia Knightly with that same physicality as the British actress, Keira Knightley. Above average height, willowy, fragile looking—until you notice her chin. She’s got a strong, determined chin, and big intelligent eyes that refuse to look away. I love the complexity of strong female characters: they may be physically unintimidating, but they have wit and they have determination, and they know their brain is their greatest weapon. Virginia Knightly also carries a heavy flashlight, and is not afraid to bash someone over the head with it.
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--Marshal Zeringue