Wednesday, May 10, 2017

William Christie's "A Single Spy"

William Christie is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a former Marine Corps infantry officer. He is well into middle age, and is the author of eight novels, five under his own name and the latest two under the pen name F.J. Chase, which was basically a publisher’s marketing ploy. He also wrote SEAL Team Seven: Direct Action, for Berkley Books, under the name Keith Douglass, because he needed a new car at the time.

Here Christie dreamcasts the lead for an adaptation of his new novel, A Single Spy:
Ah, now here we have the classic clash between art and commerce. Because I should say that if they make A Single Spy into a movie I would like Brad Pitt to play Alexsi. Or Matt Damon, or whoever Clint Eastwood would prefer, or any figure of Hollywood power who can get a movie made by simply agreeing to participate in it. The reality, of course, is that I would simply be flattered if anyone were polite enough to ask. Though now that we've covered commerce perhaps we should consider art. The actor would have to be in his 20's, and be able to project the feral quality of a born survivor of both Stalin's Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany. Yet also be able to lay claim to the audience's sympathy. If I hadn't seen Mad Max Fury Road I never would have considered Nicholas Hoult, but I think he's my man. As the single spy in my novel you would look into his eyes and believe him when he was lying to you, and you would never see him coming until it was too late.
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--Marshal Zeringue