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Ronlyn Domingue's "The Plague Diaries"

Ronlyn Domingue is the internationally published author of The Mercy of Thin Air and the Keeper of Tales Trilogy—The Mapmaker’s War, The Chronicle of Secret Riven, and The Plague Diaries. Her essays and short stories have appeared in New England Review, Clackamas Literary Review, and Shambhala Sun as well as on, The Nervous Breakdown, and

Here Domingue shares some suggestions for casting a big screen adaptation of her fourth novel—The Plague Diaries, the last book of the Keeper of Tales Trilogy, which can be read in any order.
In The Plague Diaries, Secret Riven’s fate is to release a plague to end an ancient pestilence. Her mythic call involves an arcane manuscript, a strange symbol, and a 1,000-year-old family legacy. The trilogy’s last book is a whopper, and I can’t imagine anyone trying to adapt for a movie. For a series, oh most definitely.

Secret Riven—Our heroine with black hair, tawny skin, and eyes the colors of night and day. She’s smart, introverted, curious—and strong in ways she doesn’t realize. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, could handle Secret’s complexity.

Fewmany, the magnate—The villain you love to hate and hate to love. For me, only Alan Rickman possessed the gravitas, and the voice, to embody this character. Rest in peace, good sir. But a friend suggested Timothy Omundson, known for his parts in Galavant and several other series, would be a compelling choice. From the photos I’ve seen of Omundson and some of his work I’ve watched, yes, I agree.

Nikolas, the prince of Ailliath—A young man of integrity and compassion who leads with a balance of mind and heart. For this role, I’d pick Dylan Minnette because of his portrayal of Clay in the series 13 Reasons Why.

Bren Riven, Secret’s father—Bren is calculating and manipulative, but also vulnerable and endearing. Whoever portrays him needs to have serious range. I’ve been a longtime fan of Kenneth Branagh, and he’d be terrific in this part.

Harmyn—A magical child with a voice that brings people to tears. There’s a great deal of mystery about Harmyn, and who might step into this character continues to elude me. As it probably should. Readers who finish Book 3 will understand why.

Margana, a seamstress—A minor character with major significance. She has a small shop where she makes inventive costumes and clothing. Christina Ricci would wear this role well.

The Misses Acutt, Secret’s neighbors—Three spinster sisters who live together in an apartment with their fluffy gray cat. They’re a little comic and a little tragic. What about Blythe Danner, Betty White, and Helen Mirren?

Naughton, Fewmany’s manservant—An unassuming, quiet man who keeps a secret about himself. Ewan McGregor, please.

William “Quire” Remarque, a book dealer—Remarque and Fewmany have been friends for ages. Secret endures his boisterous, lewd, and hard-drinking company at several dinners. I adore this character, and if Peter Dinklage played him, I might fall into a dead faint from excitement.
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