Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Eryk Pruitt's "What We Reckon"

Eryk Pruitt is a screenwriter, author and filmmaker living in Durham, NC with his wife Lana and cat Busey. His short films have won several awards at film festivals across the US.

Here Pruitt shares his choice of filmmakers he'd like to handle the adaptation of his new novel, What We Reckon:
Enter Jack Jordan. He’s snuck into Lufkin, Texas, in the dead of night with little more than a beat-up Honda, a hollowed-out King James Bible full of cocaine, and enough emotional baggage to sink a steam ship. He’s charming, dedicated, and extremely paranoid.

Summer Ashton, his partner-in-crime. She’s stuck by him through thick and thin, but lately her mind has begun to slip. They’ve told their fair share of lies and she’s having a devil of a time remembering what’s the truth. And recently, she’s been hearing voices. Unfortunately for both of them, she’s the brains of the operation.

Furthermore, they have begun to tire of one another.

For these two career grifters, the sleepy East Texas countryside is but another pit stop on their rampage across the American South.

Will it be their last?
* * *
I've wanted to write television for a long while. However, I'm unwilling to live in Los Angeles. This means that dream may never come true. What We Reckon is my compromise. It's how I scratched that itch.

The novel is structured exactly like a network would structure two seasons of a television show. It's complete with A, B, C, and D story arcs which rise and fall throughout the first part of the book, then again in the second.

I doubt I'd have any input on the actors, but if I were showrunner, I would insist on getting the directing talents of indie filmmakers Meredith Sause and Michael Howard to helm the show's vision. Those two award-winning filmmakers would bring great instinct to the project and all we'd have to do is tune in.
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--Marshal Zeringue