Sunday, April 22, 2018

Nell Hampton's "Lord of the Pies"

An avid foodie and writer, Nell Hampton (AKA Nancy J. Parra) decided to finally combine her two loves. She lives in Richmond, VA.

Her new novel is Lord of the Pies.

Here Hampton/Parra dreamcasts a small-screen adaptation of Lord of the Pies:
I think my book is better as a television series. I think you could enjoy seeing each episode play out allowing the characters room to grow.

I would like Carrie Ann to be played by Kelly Cuoco and I can imagine her new friend Penny played by Karen Gillan who played Amy Pond – my favorite Dr. Who character.

Martin Freeman is a favorite actor. I think he could play the police inspector.

Ian Gordon would be played by a young Sean Connery and Jasper is definitely Chris Hemsworth. So many fun characters in this series.

Mrs. Worth could be played by Penelope Wilton and Chef Butterbottom could be played by Richard Griffiths.
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--Marshal Zeringue