Sunday, September 30, 2018

Don Zolidis's "The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig"

Don Zolidis is a playwright, novelist, and former middle and high school teacher.

His plays have been produced over 10,500 times in 61 countries.

Here Zoldis dreamcasts an adaptation of The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig (a Love Story), his first novel:
This is so tricky, because I know it takes a few years to get a movie made, so I need to pick somebody younger than my main characters in order to make it remotely realistic. A particular pet peeve of mine is when everyone in a YA movie is clearly in their mid-twenties. Nobody looked like that in high school! So my current choice for the lead is Finn Wolfhard, who is sufficiently dorky and charismatic to pull off the lead in a rom-com about a Dungeons and Dragons playing nerd.

The female lead requires something a little different. I’d be looking for an actress that radiates intelligence, which is sometimes difficult to convey. For the moment I’ll go with Elle Fanning, but it’s a difficult choice!
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--Marshal Zeringue