Sunday, March 3, 2019

Claire Booth's "A Deadly Turn"

Claire Booth is a former true crime writer, ghostwriter, and reporter. She lives in California. The Branson Beauty, featuring Sheriff Hank Worth, is her first novel.

In 2017 she dreamcasted an adaptation of Another Man's Ground, the second Sheriff Hank Worth Mystery.

Here Booth revisits the exercise for volume 3 in the series, A Deadly Turn:
There are a few new characters in this newest installment of my Sheriff Hank Worth series. The first, Dale Raker, is a city police detective who teams with county sheriff Hank to investigate a murder. He’s a wide, solid native Missourian, and I think Eric Stonestreet would be perfect.

The other new character is an aging country music star. He’d been a huge success and is trying to make a go of it again in a Branson, Missouri theater. I would love, love, love to see Sam Elliott in that role.

And to recap my mainstays, I’d love Oscar Isaacs as Hank, Octavia Spencer as Chief Deputy Sheila Turley, and Logan Lerman as young deputy Sam Karnes.
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My Book, The Movie: Another Man's Ground.

--Marshal Zeringue