Saturday, October 5, 2019

Sasha Dawn's "Panic"

Sasha Dawn teaches writing at community colleges and offers pro bono writing workshops to local schools. She lives in her native northern Illinois, where she collects tap shoes, fabric swatches, and tales of survival, and she harbors a crush on Thomas Jefferson. Her debut novel, Oblivion, was an Illinois Reads selection and one of the New York Public Library's best books for teens.

Here Dawn dreamcasts an adaptation of her new novel, Panic:
I wrote this book as a tribute to my daughter’s struggles and aspirations. Although the story is wholly fictional, all of the teen characters were inspired by her real-life friends, most of whom are actors themselves. I’ve asked for their input here:

I based the main character off my daughter, Madelaine, and up-and-coming musical theater artist currently studying at one of the most prestigious performing arts high schools in the country. I think this should be Madelaine’s breakout role.

As Lainey’s mom, Ella, I’d love to see Blake Lively. We’d have to age her up, but she proved, in Age of Adeline and A Simple Favor that she has emotional range. Wholly underrated. She can make Ella come alive.

Emma Roberts’ no-nonsense presence would enhance Hayley. Emma’s gorgeous, but doesn’t seem to notice, and that’s another bonus.

I’d love to have a sexy Nana on screen for once, so I choose Renee Russo, who is absolutely beautiful and edgy, just like Nana would be.

I’ve always seen Ted as Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, and my Madelaine agrees. Bohemian. A little hipster. A little off. But very cutting edge. Is Gerard Way interested in acting? Can someone make this happen?

As Jesse (Dad), I’d cast Ryan Reynolds—I’d love to see him and Blake go head-to-head on screen.

Miles Heizer would make a good Brendon—boy-next-door with layers. Great talent in this kid!

Sophia Lillis’ innate beauty and understated power is perfect for McKenna!

Director: Nora Ephron or Lisa Cholodenko.
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--Marshal Zeringue