Sunday, June 7, 2020

Paul Mosier's "Summer and July"

Paul Mosier began writing novels in 2011 but has written in some fashion his entire life. He is married and the father to two daughters, one of whom has passed to the next dimension. He lives near his place of birth in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. He loves listening to baseball on the radio, eating vegetarian food, drinking coffee, and talking nonstop. He has written three critically acclaimed books for middle grade readers: Train I Ride, Echo’s Sister, and Summer and July.

Here Mosier dreamcasts some of the main characters for an adaptation of Summer and July:
If Summer and July were made into a movie, picking the actors to play the leads, Summer and Juillet, is tricky because they are 13, and anyone who looked like them today would age-out by the time the movie was shot.
If Elle Fanning had a little sister she’d make a great Juillet. 
Summer would need to be a prototypical blond surfer girl. 
The one character that really suggests an actor is The Big Kahuna, who could be played by Kris Kristofferson 20 years ago, or Jeff Bridges with his Lebowski look. 
Otis would need to be a black male in his late teens who looks like he can surf, and Juillet’s mom I imagine as a 40 year old with a Tina Fey look. 
My favorite director is Wes Anderson, but someone with an eye not for the built environment but for the camera’s eye, like Sean Baker of The Florida Project, might make the most of the setting.