Friday, August 28, 2020

C.M. McGuire's "Ironspark"

When C.M. McGuire was a child, she drove her family crazy with her nonstop stories. Lucky for them, she eventually learned to write and gave their ears a rest. This love of stories led her to college where she pursued history (semi-nonfictional storytelling), anthropology (where stories come from) and theater (attention-seeking storytelling). When she isn't writing, she's painting, crocheting, gardening, baking, and teaching the next generation to love stories as much as she does.

Here McGuire dreamcasts an adaptation of her new novel, Ironspark:
I think everyone, at some point or another, winds up dreamcasting their novel. It’s fun to look at actors and go “Hm, could you be/fight a creepy fairy?” My problem is that I keep finding new actors that I think, on some level, resemble the characters! So here are the main four characters and the key antagonist.

Bryn: For Bryn, I would definitely cast Arryn Zech or Hailee Steinfeld. Brigette Lundy-Paine was on that list, but since seeing them in the Bill and Ted trailer, I struggle to imagine them as this angsty Welsh girl.

Jasika: My dreamcast of Jasika changed during revisions. I would love to see Lovie Simone or Kiki Layne in this role!

Dom: I would think a younger, more gawky Martin Sensmeier. Like Martin Seinsmeier with Jared Padalecki height and Wyatt Oleff gawkiness.

Gwen: I’d go with Anna Murphy (the Irish actress), Samantha Isler, or Alona Tal.

Mab: Mab would probably be Amy Gumenick, Annie Wersching, or Danneel Ackles

As for directors, I’m a huge fan of everything Jon Favreau does. At the same time, I’d love to imagine it directed by Jonathan Entwistle or April Mullen. I think the best thing for a great show or movie would be to have a good balance between the drama, action, and comedy. After all, they’re still teenagers. Even at our darkest, we all still like to laugh, and I remember that being especially true as a teen.

Of course, the dream with something like this would be to see people you’ve never seen before bringing something new and awesome to the story!
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