Thursday, September 24, 2020

Joe Clifford's "The Lakehouse"

Joe Clifford is the author of several books, including The One That Got Away, Junkie Love, and the Jay Porter Thriller Series, as well as editor of the anthologies Trouble in the Heartland: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen; Just to Watch Them Die: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Johnny Cash, and Hard Sentences, which he co-edited.

Here Clifford dreamcasts an adaptation of his new novel, The Lakehouse:
I love this question. I don’t know any author who doesn’t fantasize about their book being optioned for a film. While the truth is, most authors would be happy with any director or actor (Michael Bay, I’m listening!), we also have a wish list!

The Lakehouse is no exception. The story centers around a man (Todd Norman) accused—and acquitted—of murdering his wife, who returns to her small hometown to finish construction on their dream house by the lake. When a body washes up on the shore… So that’s the basic plot, told via three POVs: Tracy Somerset (30-something divorced mom); grizzled Sheriff Dwayne Sobczak; and Dr. Meshulum Bakshir, the town psychiatrist.

And, yes, I’ve thought a lot about who I’d cast! For Tracy, Amy Adams would be perfect. A little older than Tracy, Adams could pull it off. A rather obvious choice, I know. Sheriff Dwayne Sobczak is more of a stretch. The town cop is in his mid-50s. I like Adrien Brody, who is a little younger. And skinnier. Sobczak needs a sturdier, potbelly. So Adrien might have to do some De Niro or Bale weight gaining for the role. Dr. Baskhir? Kal Penn. Though known for mostly comedic roles (before his foray into politics), Penn would have to stretch his acting chops. But I think he’d be perfect. And as the mysterious Todd Norman—Jon Hamm!

Now for director, that’s easy! David Fincher!

Here's hoping we see The Lakehouse on the silver screen soon!
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--Marshal Zeringue