Sunday, November 1, 2020

Louise Guy's "A Life Worth Living"

Louise Guy has enjoyed working in marketing, recruitment and film production, all which have helped steer her towards her current, and most loved, role – writer.

Her passion for writing women's fiction is a result of her love of reading, writing and exploring women's emotions and relationships. Women succeeding through hard work, overcoming adversity or just by owning their choices and decisions is something to celebrate, and Guy loves the challenge of incorporating their strengths in these situations into fiction.

Originally from Melbourne, a trip around Australia led Guy and her husband to Queensland's stunning Sunshine Coast where they now live with their two sons, gorgeous fluff ball of a cat and an abundance of visiting wildlife - the kangaroos and wallabies the most welcome, the snakes the least.

Here Guy dreamcasts an adaptation of her new novel, A Life Worth Living:
What a thrill it must be to have a book turned into a movie! I think most authors can picture their story on the big screen as, for many, the visual images have been playing in their minds for months (years even) as they’ve been immersed in writing the story.

A Life Worth Living follows the very contrasted lives of identical twins, Leah and Eve. When a terrible incident occurs, a spur of the moment decision is made, which directly impacts the future of their loved ones. This decision weighs heavily on one sister, as the past, present, and future all collides.

In going down the fantasy road of dream casting A Life Worth Living, the first thing required is to move the story’s location! Set in Australia, I would move it to a US setting and a Hollywood production company. Keeping some Australian ties, Blossom Films, Nicole Kidman’s production company, would be the perfect fit for this story. They are so good at showcasing strong female leads and I believe would do a fantastic job of recreating the horrific situation Leah and Eve find themselves in and the subsequent fall out as the story takes an unexpected twist.

With two sets of twins, A Life Worth Living is probably a casting agent’s nightmare! For Leah and Eve, I imagine one actress would play both roles. When writing Leah’s storyline, I pictured Scarlett Johansson in the role and thought she’d do an excellent job playing both parts. Sean, Eve’s husband, is an excellent example of a charming, caring, and sensitive male. Paul Rudd would be perfect to play this part while Bradley Cooper would suit the role of Ben, Eve’s lover.
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The Page 69 Test: A Life Worth Living.

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