Monday, March 29, 2021

Adam Mitzner's "The Perfect Marriage"

Adam Mitzner is the acclaimed Amazon Charts bestselling author of Dead Certain, Never Goodbye, and The Best Friend in the Broden Legal series as well as the stand-alone thrillers A Matter of Will, A Conflict of Interest, A Case of Redemption, Losing Faith, and The Girl from Home. A practicing attorney in a Manhattan law firm, Mitzner and his family live in New York City.

Here Mitzner dreamcasts an adaptation of his new novel, The Perfect Marriage:
I do not think about actors when writing my characters. Mainly that’s because the characters exist for me on the inside, and so I’m less interested in what they look like. Also, I read early a tip about writing that if you say as character looks like George Clooney, the reader now imagines George Clooney, whereas if the description is how you would describe George Clooney – handsome, dark complexioned, strong jaw, dark hair, devilish smile – the reader can make that character his or her own.

Of course, it is my dream, like every novelist’s, that someday my characters will be brought to life by actors. But is only after the book is written that I think about that.

Here’s my dream cast for the lead roles of The Perfect Marriage.

James Sommers: Forties, handsome. Ben Affleck, although I say that in part because he’s Batman. Now that I think of it, maybe Christian Bale for that same reason.

Jessica Sommers: Forties, beautiful. Jennifer Garner, although I realize that she might not want to star opposite her ex-husband, but I think in light of the story that might be fun to see.

Wayne Fiske: Jessica’s first husband. He needs to be less attractive than both Jessica and James, and look like a high school teacher. I see a Zach Galifianakis type in the role.

Hayley Sommers: James’ first wife. Thirty, very beautiful, a banker. I’d cast the most beautiful woman I could find in this role, so long as you get a sense that they’re very capable beyond their looks. Nina Dobrev could hit this part out of the park.

Reid Warwick: James’ business partner. I see him as more handsome than James, which is a tall order. Also more than a little slippery. Rege-Jean Page from Bridgerton.

Gabriel Valesquez: The police detective. He also appears in my Broden Trilogy (Dead Certain, Never Goodbye, The Best Friend), and so I’ve thought about his actor-doppleganger before, and he always looks a bit like Michael Pena to me. Also a big fan of Oscar Isaac for the role.
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