Friday, April 16, 2021

Trish Doller's "Float Plan"

Trish Doller is the author of novels for teens and adults about love, life, and finding your place in the world. A former journalist and radio personality, Doller has written several YA novels, including the critically acclaimed Something Like Normal, as well as Float Plan, her adult women's fiction debut. When she's not writing, she loves sailing, traveling, and avoiding housework. Doller lives in southwest Florida with an opinionated herding dog and an ex-pirate.

Here Doller dreamcasts an adaptation of Float Plan:
Float Plan is the story of Anna, a young woman grieving the loss of her fiancé, Ben. She takes their sailboat--one they were meant to sail together--and sets out alone for the Caribbean. Anna quickly learns she can't make the trip by herself, so she enlists the help of a former competitive sailor, Keane, who is struggling with a loss of his own.

Anna: If Float Plan, the movie, were cast today, I'd be crossing my fingers that Florence Pugh would play the role. Anna has a softness to her appearance that belies an inner strength, and I think that Florence has the same look.

Keane: So far I have been unable to find a handsome Irish actor who is also an below-the-knee amputee, but not for lack of searching. Until that day I find him, Mark Rowley, an able actor who plays the quippy Irish sidekick in The Last Kingdom, would make the perfect Keane.

Ben: In a film version of Float Plan, I'd love to see a few more flashbacks so that Anna's fiancé would get a bit more screen time. Since the beginning, Dylan O'Brien has always been Ben.

Director: I have very little knowledge of directors, but a woman would be great, especially a woman of color.
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